My name is Christina and I am a 20 years old student from the US studying abroad in Copenhagen. I’m from NYC and go to school at Smith College in western Mass. I’m a Computer Science and Data Science double major, however, I am not taking any major-related class during my semester abroad. Some of my hobbies include binge watching TV shows, going out to eat, and exploring new places. I love traveling, however, this is my first time traveling alone so follow me along in this new journey as I get to learn and experience a lot of new things!

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The 411 on Field Studies

If you’re a prospective DIS student and are working on your schedules, you might notice that most classes are either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Fridays. So what happens on hump day? DIS takes a very hands-on approach on learning with the study tours, however, another aspect of that is field studies. Field studies are class events/activities thatContinue reading “The 411 on Field Studies”

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